Commit 0177c913 authored by Alain Takoudjou's avatar Alain Takoudjou

Get tap network information if exits for partition

Set tap network information in a dict if they are defined
parent 3491677b
......@@ -134,6 +134,14 @@ class Recipe(object):
v6_add = ipv6_set.add
tap_set = set()
tap_add = tap_set.add
route_gw_set = set()
route_gw_add = route_gw_set.add
route_mask_set = set()
route_mask_add = route_mask_set.add
route_ipv4_set = set()
route_v4_add = route_ipv4_set.add
route_network_set = set()
route_net_add = route_network_set.add
for tap, ip in parameter_dict.pop('ip_list'):
if valid_ipv4(ip):
......@@ -141,6 +149,21 @@ class Recipe(object):
elif valid_ipv6(ip):
# XXX: emit warning on unknown address type ?
if 'full_ip_list' in parameter_dict:
for item in parameter_dict.pop('full_ip_list'):
if len(item) == 5:
tap, ip, gw, netmask, network = item
if tap.startswith('route_'):
if valid_ipv4(gw):
if valid_ipv4(netmask):
if valid_ipv4(ip):
if valid_ipv4(network):
options['ipv4'] = ipv4_set
options['ipv6'] = ipv6_set
......@@ -149,6 +172,20 @@ class Recipe(object):
options['ipv4-random'] = list(ipv4_set)[0].encode('UTF-8')
if ipv6_set:
options['ipv6-random'] = list(ipv6_set)[0].encode('UTF-8')
if route_ipv4_set:
options['tap-ipv4'] = list(route_ipv4_set)[0].encode('UTF-8')
options['tap-network-information-dict'] = dict(ipv4=route_ipv4_set,
options['tap-network-information-dict'] = {}
if route_gw_set:
options['tap-gateway'] = list(route_gw_set)[0].encode('UTF-8')
if route_mask_set:
options['tap-netmask'] = list(route_mask_set)[0].encode('UTF-8')
if route_network_set:
options['tap-network'] = list(route_network_set)[0].encode('UTF-8')
options['tap'] = tap_set
return self._expandParameterDict(options, parameter_dict)
......@@ -54,6 +54,18 @@ class Recipe:
return ip
raise AttributeError
def _getTapIpAddressList(self, test_method):
"""Internal helper method to fetch full ip address assigned for tap"""
if not 'full_ip_list' in self.parameter_dict:
return ()
for item in self.parameter_dict['full_ip_list']:
if len(item) == 5:
tap, ip, gw, mask, net = item
if tap.startswith('route_') and test_method(ip) and \
test_method(gw) and test_method(mask):
return (ip, gw, mask, net)
return ()
def getLocalIPv4Address(self):
"""Returns local IPv4 address available on partition"""
# XXX: Lack checking for locality of address
......@@ -63,6 +75,11 @@ class Recipe:
"""Returns global IPv6 address available on partition"""
# XXX: Lack checking for globality of address
return self._getIpAddress(netaddr.valid_ipv6)
def getLocalTapIPv4AddressList(self):
"""Returns global IPv6 address available for tap interface"""
# XXX: Lack checking for locality of address
return self._getTapIpAddressList(netaddr.valid_ipv4)
def getNetworkInterface(self):
"""Returns the network interface available on partition"""
......@@ -128,6 +145,14 @@ class Recipe:
buildout.set('slap-network-information', 'network-interface',
tap_ip_list = self.getLocalTapIPv4AddressList()
tap_ipv4 = tap_gateway = tap_netmask = tap_network = ''
if tap_ip_list:
tap_ipv4, tap_gateway, tap_netmask, tap_network= tap_ip_list
buildout.set('slap-network-information', 'tap-ipv4', tap_ipv4)
buildout.set('slap-network-information', 'tap-gateway', tap_gateway)
buildout.set('slap-network-information', 'tap-netmask', tap_netmask)
buildout.set('slap-network-information', 'tap-network', tap_network)
# Copy/paste slap_connection
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