Commit 06bb0c98 by Julien Muchembled

publish: new -publish option to list explicitly options to publish

1 parent 0931ebe9
......@@ -44,9 +44,14 @@ class Recipe(GenericSlapRecipe):
def _install(self):
publish_dict = {}
for name in self._extend_set:
for k, v in self.buildout[name].iteritems():
if k != 'recipe' and not k.startswith('-'):
publish_dict[k] = v
section = self.buildout[name]
publish = section['-publish'].split()
except KeyError:
publish = (k for k in section
if k != 'recipe' and not k.startswith('-'))
for k in publish:
publish_dict[k] = section[k]
self._setConnectionDict(publish_dict, self.options.get('-slave-reference'))
return []
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