Commit 0d76327f authored by Alain Takoudjou's avatar Alain Takoudjou

File deleter deamon should not delete result file

parent e598635b
......@@ -250,14 +250,13 @@ def deployApp(args):
def create_wu(args, env):
t_result = "templates/" + args['appname'] + '_result'
t_wu = "templates/" + args['appname'] + '_wu'
wu_name = 'wu_' + args['appname'] + args['version']
launch_args = [os.path.join(args['installroot'], 'bin/create_work'),
'--appname', args['appname'], '--wu_name', wu_name,
'--appname', args['appname'], '--wu_name', '',
'--wu_template', t_wu, '--result_template', t_result,
for i in range(args['previous_wu'], args['wu_number']):
print "Creating project wroker %s..." % str(i+1)
launch_args[4] = wu_name + str(i+1)
launch_args[4] = args['appname'] + str(i+1) + args['version'] + '_nodelete'
startProcess(launch_args, env, args['installroot'])
def startProcess(launch_args, env=None, cwd=None):
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