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caddy-frontend: Fill in important changes

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......@@ -3,6 +3,23 @@ Changes
Here are listed the most important changes, which might affect upgrades.
* fix: exposed log file names are stabilised
* feature: in case of not found instance more information are provided
* feature: telemetry is fully disabled
* feature: Apache Traffic Server 8.0 is used
* feature: backend-haproxy statistic for haproxy's frontend is available
* fix: slave publication has been fixed in case of mixed case slave reference
* feature: running test/ resolves with starting backend used in tests
* fix: automatic caucase-updater usage has been fixed
* fix/workaround: reconnect to backend-haproxy from Caddy and Apache Traffic Server
* fix/feature: use explicitly Apache Traffic Server simulation of stale-if-error, as in reality Apache Traffic Server does not support it
* feature: dropped not used parameters
* feature: Strict-Transport-Security aka HSTS
* fix: use kedifa with with for file with multiple CAs
1.0.164 (2020-09-24)
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