Commit 2b121fbe by Łukasz Nowak

Fix "Revert "caddy-frontend: Protect against wrong custom config""

Instance to check custom configuration protection was removed, so follow
this in master partition assertion.
1 parent a1943594
......@@ -3804,8 +3804,8 @@ class TestSlaveBadParameters(SlaveHttpFrontendTestCase, TestDataMixin):
'kedifa-caucase-url': 'http://[%s]:%s' % (
'accepted-slave-amount': '8',
'rejected-slave-amount': '3',
'slave-amount': '11',
'rejected-slave-amount': '2',
'slave-amount': '10',
'rejected-slave-dict': {
'_custom_domain-unsafe': [
"custom_domain '${section:option} afterspace\\nafternewline' invalid"
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