Commit 61b8e972 authored by Jérome Perrin's avatar Jérome Perrin

proftpd/test: test that files are created only in instance folder

parent 134c47de
......@@ -46,6 +46,7 @@ setup(name=name,
......@@ -33,6 +33,7 @@ import StringIO
import subprocess
import pysftp
import psutil
from paramiko.ssh_exception import SSHException
from paramiko.ssh_exception import AuthenticationException
......@@ -204,3 +205,29 @@ class TestInstanceParameterPort(ProFTPdTestCase):
class TestFilesAndSocketsInInstanceDir(ProFTPdTestCase):
"""Make sure the instance only have files and socket in software dir.
def setUp(self):
"""sets `self.proftpdProcess` to `psutil.Process` for the running proftpd in the instance.
all_process_info = self.getSupervisorRPCServer().supervisor.getAllProcessInfo()
# there is only one process in this instance
process_info, = [p for p in all_process_info if p['name'] != 'watchdog']
process = psutil.Process(process_info['pid'])
self.assertEqual('proftpd', # sanity check
self.proftpdProcess = process
def test_only_write_file_in_instance_dir(self):
[f for f in self.proftpdProcess.open_files()
if f.mode != 'r'
if not f.path.startswith(self.computer_partition_root_path)])
def test_only_unix_socket_in_instance_dir(self):
[s for s in self.proftpdProcess.connections('unix')
if not s.laddr.startswith(self.computer_partition_root_path)])
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