Commit 6fc10621 authored by Kirill Smelkov's avatar Kirill Smelkov

fixup! v↑ zodbtools (0.0.0.dev4)

9b5d8262 (v↑ zodbtools (0.0.0.dev4)) added zodburi and in turn ZEO
dependency to neoppod/software-common.cfg because zodburi currently
non-optionally requires ZEO.

However I forgot to notice that if we always pin ZEO to 4.x it will
require `transaction < 2` and this will break neoppod/software-zodb5.cfg
which requires ZODB 5.x and in turn `transaction >= 2`:

	Installing neoppod.
	Version and requirements information containing transaction:
	  [versions] constraint on transaction: 2.1.2
	  Requirement of ZODB==5.3.0: transaction>=2.0.3
	  Requirement of transaction>=2.0.3: zope.interface
	  Requirement of ZEO: transaction<2.0.0
	  Installing neoppod.
	Error: The requirement ('transaction<2.0.0') is not allowed by your [versions] constraint (2.1.2)

We already have ZODB = 4.x in software-common.cfg and software-zodb5.cfg
overrides it to ZODB = 5.x, but ZEO was left not-overwritten and this
way there becomes conflicting requirement on transaction.

Fix it by also overriding ZEO in software-zodb5.cfg

/reported-and-reviewed-by @jm
/reported-on !242 (comment 49754)
parent 914f4dbf
......@@ -3,4 +3,14 @@ extends = software.cfg
ZODB = 5.3.0
ZEO = 5.1.0
transaction = 2.1.2
# Required by:
# ZEO==5.1.0
# trollius==2.1
futures = 3.1.1
# Required by:
# ZEO==5.1.0
trollius = 2.1
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