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slaprunner: list of ports in use added to README

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......@@ -130,3 +130,13 @@ Things to notice for the nex developer :
As you can see in instance-runner-*.cfg, the buildout section extends a hard-coded template file. If one day you need to modify the filename, do not forget to modify it in instance.cfg, but also in these files ! (the problem is that the content of instance.cfg is not known by buildout while the deployment of the software release)
List of ports used by the webrunner:
8602 : slapproxy, while running tests
8080 : shellinabox
9684 : apache (monitoring of slaprunner, git access)
22222 : dropbear
50000 : slapproxy
50005 : webrunner (flask app), webdav access
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