Commit 92c18f87 authored by Kirill Smelkov's avatar Kirill Smelkov

erp5: Jupyter internal service is subinstance, not slave instance

@vpelletier says:

    I do not think this is a "slave" instance, but just a sub-instance.

    "slave instance" is a way to pass parameter to a foreign instance. For example,
    frontend is an instance, and a slave instance is the rule given by an unrelated
    partition to make that existing frontend instance direct to .

    OTOH, "balancer" is a sub-instance of ERP5's SR base instance (which is typically the root instance also).

/noticed-by @vpelletier (on !43)
parent 02900123
......@@ -237,10 +237,10 @@
"type": "array"
"jupyter": {
"description": "Jupyter slave instance parameters",
"description": "Jupyter subinstance parameters",
"properties": {
"enable": {
"description": "Whether to enable creation of associated slave Jupyter instance",
"description": "Whether to enable creation of associated Jupyter subinstance",
"default": false,
"type": "boolean"
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