Commit 9b18d75f authored by Rafael Monnerat's avatar Rafael Monnerat

ERP5 Release Candidate

parent 5afedaf8
extends =
revision = 8f58ae080576bd3f70b01892e127b5a0552ad17b
revision = 18a924dc32faaa5df46b318f82cc8826549d708e
  • Why is this using erp5 from master branch ? I thought only erp5-cluster was supposed to be used ?

  • This branch (1.0) should contains all softwares with revisions and versions set (in case they use git), like the latest tag created. So this is a unified release of multiple SRs. So this is a general SlapOS approch, nothing to do on "feature branches", like "erp5-cluster".

    ERP5 Cluster is not merged on master and I cannot remove erp5 master from here, so to keep consistency, I set the revisions (doing a kind of duplication until erp5-cluster be merged).

    erp5-cluster-0.1 branch is the release process for erp5-cluster only.

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