Commit a21eaad1 authored by Łukasz Nowak's avatar Łukasz Nowak Committed by Thomas Gambier

partially revert "fix "caddy-frontend: Improve validation with decoupled configu…

…ration state calculation""

The states has been correctly propagated and used. Original author had no
idea what he was doing, possibly because of some incorrect assumptions while
developing this fix.

/reviewed-on !587
parent 3db932ac
......@@ -102,7 +102,7 @@ md5sum = 89839a3f4ab71cab459afd1c27d00326
filename = templates/
md5sum = 8d55aea0a4ebc262d2f7c2f96dd5428c
md5sum = 4d2537d2698d32a7e909989f8778d144
filename = templates/
......@@ -10,9 +10,9 @@ touch $SIGNATURE_FILE
if diff "$SIGNATURE_FILE" "$NSIGNATURE_FILE" > /dev/null ; then
# No changes since last run just propagate information
exit 0
exit 1
# Changes since last run, so store new value and propagate information
exit 1
exit 0
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