Commit a7bd942b authored by Rafael Monnerat's avatar Rafael Monnerat

stack/caucase: User shorter path for sock

  Reduce a little the path+filename for the socket file, as NGINX/Linux has a limitation for long paths on this instruction.

  This small change allow the resilience test works w/o kernel patches or workarrounds.
parent d09fd960
......@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ md5sum = a317d2f948cd3d16c860d05cc07ecf42
filename =
md5sum = 7db9e8bf23cf4689e7986c381b94d2cb
md5sum = d31d4c9855d653d3d74c6133a7d85530
filename =
......@@ -157,7 +157,7 @@ mode = 700
recipe = slapos.cookbook:wrapper
socket = ${directory:ca-dir}/ca.flaskserver.sock
socket = ${directory:ca-dir}/ng.sock
command-line = {{ gunicorn_bin }} caucase.wsgi:app -b unix:${:socket} -e CA_CONFIGURATION_FILE=${caucase-conf:output} --error-logfile ${:log-file} --pid ${:pid-file} --capture-output --timeout 60 --threads 2 --log-level error --preload
log-file = ${directory:log}/ca-gunicorn-error.log
pid-file = ${directory:run}/
  • FYI, this is still the old caucase slaposification for the old caucase version. Latest caucase release is stand-alone (no apache, no nginx, only a python process).

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