Commit b46f2c54 authored by Kazuhiko Shiozaki's avatar Kazuhiko Shiozaki

fixup! mariadb: Disable TokuDB until build issue with GCC 4.9 has been fixed.

parent e3f6d24b
......@@ -18,9 +18,12 @@ parts =
# mroonga-mariadb should be rebuilt when mariadb is rebuilt. to
# achieve this, please modify 'revision' value below each time you
# modify anything (but version) in [mariadb] target.
recipe = slapos.recipe.cmmi
version = 10.0.12
revision = 1
revision = 2
url =${:version}/source/mariadb-${:version}.tar.gz/from/http:/
md5sum = 6e9a7c075526f8f2f83ad8e0933bab2f
# compile directory is required to build mysql plugins.
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