Commit c1c88983 authored by Julien Muchembled's avatar Julien Muchembled Committed by Kazuhiko Shiozaki

ERP5: remove obsolete zope template files

parent 1ec7f38f
## Zope 2 configuration file generated by SlapOS
# Some defines
%%define INSTANCE %(instance)s
instancehome $INSTANCE
# Used products
# Environment is setup in running wrapper script
# Reason: zope.conf is read too late for some componets
# No need to debug
debug-mode off
# One thread is safe enough
zserver-threads %(thread_amount)s
# File location
pid-filename %(pid-filename)s
lock-filename %(lock-filename)s
# Encoding
rest-input-encoding utf-8
rest-output-encoding utf-8
default-zpublisher-encoding utf-8
# Disable ownership checking to execute codes generated by alarm
skip-ownership-checking on
# Temporary storage database (for sessions)
<zodb_db temporary>
name temporary storage for sessioning
mount-point /temp_folder
container-class Products.TemporaryFolder.TemporaryContainer
# Logging configuration
level info
path %(event_log)s
<logger access>
level WARN
path %(z2_log)s
# Serving configuration
address %(address)s
# ZODB configuration
program $INSTANCE/bin/runzope
# DeadlockDebugger configuration
<product-config DeadlockDebugger>
dump_url %(dump_url)s
secret %(secret)s
# ERP5 promise
<product-config /%(site-id)s>
promise_path %(promise-path)s
# TIDStorage connection
<product-config TIDStorage>
backend-ip %(tidstorage-ip)s
backend-port %(tidstorage-port)s
# ERP5 Timer Service
%%import timerserver
interval 1
<zodb_db %(storage-name)s>
cache-size %(zope-cache-size)s
mount-point %(mount-point)s
cache-size %(zeo-cache-size)s
server %(server)s
storage %(storage-name)s
name %(storage-name)s
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