Commit c53d0f43 authored by Ayush Tiwari's avatar Ayush Tiwari

software/erp5: Remove create-erp5-site software-type from json schema

Also update README accordingly.
Its becasue now erp5-site is being created automatically using software-type
default and there is no create-erp5-site software-type anymore.
parent 6cb00ff0
......@@ -3,12 +3,8 @@ Available ``software-type`` values
- ``default``
Recommended for production use.
- ``create-erp5-site``
Automated creation of ERP5Site instance, for easy deployment.
Usage in production discouraged due to the increased risk of data loss.
Recommended for developemnt and production use. Automatic creation of
......@@ -9,13 +9,6 @@
"request": "instance-erp5-input-schema.json",
"response": "instance-erp5-output-schema.json",
"index": 0
"create-erp5-site": {
"title": "Create ERP5 Site",
"description": "Automated ERP5Site creation on instanciation when ZODB is found empty.",
"request": "instance-erp5-input-schema.json",
"response": "instance-erp5-output-schema.json",
"index": 1
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