Commit caaf6825 authored by Kirill Smelkov's avatar Kirill Smelkov

gitlab: GitLab wants git to be really on $PATH

GitLab uses git executable by full path as defined in gitlab.yml, but
not all places in code use it, e.g. here git is used just from $PATH

So make sure to include our git into bundler-4gitlab PATH.
parent e4de5818
......@@ -93,10 +93,13 @@ bundle = ${buildout:bin-directory}/bundle
# execjs needs: nodejs
# rails needs db client program on path: psql
# gitlab wants to check redis version via running: redis-cli
# gitlab wants git to be really on path ( it uses git from abspath defined in
# gitlab.yml, but there are not all cases like this, e.g. in
# )
# gitlab (via github-markup) wants to convert rst -> html via running: python2 (with docutils egg)
# (python-4gitlab puts interpreter into ${buildout:bin-directory})
environment =
PATH = ${:ruby-location}/bin:${cmake:location}/bin:${pkgconfig:location}/bin:${nodejs:location}/bin:${postgresql92:location}/bin:${redis28:location}/bin:${buildout:bin-directory}:%(PATH)s
PATH = ${:ruby-location}/bin:${cmake:location}/bin:${pkgconfig:location}/bin:${nodejs:location}/bin:${postgresql92:location}/bin:${redis28:location}/bin:${git:location}/bin:${buildout:bin-directory}:%(PATH)s
# gitlab, gitlab-shell & gitlab-workhorse checked out as git repositories
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