Commit cd018b6f by Jérome Perrin

erp5/test: another workaround for too deep paths

parent cd36f15a
......@@ -92,11 +92,13 @@ class TestPublishedURLIsReachableMixin(object):
class TestDefaultParameters(ERP5TestCase, TestPublishedURLIsReachableMixin):
"""Test ERP5 can be instanciated with no parameters
__partition_reference__ = 'defp'
class TestDisableTestRunner(ERP5TestCase, TestPublishedURLIsReachableMixin):
"""Test ERP5 can be instanciated without test runner.
__partition_reference__ = 'distr'
def getInstanceParameterDict(cls):
return {'_': json.dumps({'test-runner': {'enabled': False}})}
......@@ -61,15 +61,25 @@ class SlapOSInstanceTestCase(unittest.TestCase):
on the class.
All tests from the test class will run with the same instance.
The following class attributes are available:
* `computer_partition`: the `slapos.core.XXX` computer partition instance.
* `computer_partition_root_path`: the path of the instance root directory,
A note about paths:
SlapOS itself and some services running in SlapOS uses unix sockets and (sometimes very)
deep path, which does not play very well together. To workaround this, users can
set SLAPOS_TEST_WORKING_DIR enivonment variable to the path of a short enough directory
and local slapos will be in this directory.
The partitions references will be named after the unittest class name, which can also lead
to long paths. For this, unit test classes can define a __partition_reference__ attribute
which will be used as partition reference. The trick is then to use a shorter
See for the solution to all these problems.
# Methods to be defined by subclasses.
def getSoftwareURLList(cls):
......@@ -182,7 +192,7 @@ class SlapOSInstanceTestCase(unittest.TestCase):
"log_directory": cls.working_directory,
"computer_id": 'slapos.test', # XXX
'proxy_database': os.path.join(cls.working_directory, 'proxy.db'),
'partition_reference': cls.__name__,
'partition_reference': getattr(cls, '__partition_reference__', cls.__name__),
# "proper" slapos command must be in $PATH
'slapos_binary': 'slapos',
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