Commit d3382b89 by Sebastien Robin

seleniumrunner: we need to build not only firefox, but also the wrapper

parent e1db4114
......@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ parts =
  • @seb @jm this is the right fix, thank you and sorry for the mistake. It should have been part of 28bf2a43 , I adedd comment to explain that we need to use firefox-wrapper, but I forgot to change here.

    For the records I don't like so much that this section is not named simply firefox because we should not have to worry that it's a wrapper, this is implementation detail, but it was required because this is also the directory name in parts and it's where testnode was looking for parts/firefox/firefox-slapos ( here ). Now that testnode is update we can reconsider this if you want, but I'm OK with this;

  • ( "this" = having the section named firefox-wrapper )

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