Commit d724694e authored by Cédric Le Ninivin's avatar Cédric Le Ninivin

html5as: Deploy monitoring service

It allows to access monitoring with a monitoring web app.
parent 84f6fc89
......@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ md5sum = 8a1383f7508a911c0c2d81445b5d4250
_update_hash_filename_ =
md5sum = 7e178ae20bdbf0ed58e6d8fb54226cdb
md5sum = a7c6b031633caf513718bd52a80040d3
_update_hash_filename_ = templates/
......@@ -169,9 +169,17 @@ name =
config-hostname = ${html5as:ip}
config-port = ${html5as:port}
# Use a port different from the default one in order to be able to
# use it in a SlapOS webrunner or a Theia SlapOS Runner
monitor-httpd-port = 8197
# Publish nginx address
recipe = slapos.cookbook:publish
# By extending monitor publish, all the section deploying monitoring will
# be deployed. The parameters needed for accessing monitoring will be published
<= monitor-publish
server_url = ${html5as:access_url}
title = Title ${slap-parameter:title}!
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