Commit e6b11636 authored by Rafael Monnerat's avatar Rafael Monnerat Committed by Rafael Monnerat

Added packer component and a WIP software

parent 789fa9ed
parts =
recipe =
# here, two %s are used, first one is for directory name (eg. x86_64), and second one is for filename (eg. x86-64).
url_x86-64 =
url_x86 =
# supported architectures md5sums
md5sum_x86 = a545108a0ccfde7c1e74de6c4e6fdded
md5sum_x86-64 = f343d709b84db494e8d6ec38259aa4a6
# script to install.
script =
location = %(location)r
import sys
ARCH_DIR_MAP = { 'x86': 'x86', 'x86-64': 'x86_64' }
WK_SUFIX_MAP = { 'x86': '386', 'x86-64': 'amd64' }
platform = guessPlatform()
url = self.options['url_' + platform]
md5sum = self.options['md5sum_' + platform]
extract_dir = self.extract(, md5sum))
shutil.move(extract_dir, location)
extends =
parts +=
\ No newline at end of file
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