Backward compatiblity about getInstanceGuid().

(cherry picked from commit ae9f790de75373fbe2d18e2cbd28a1a02c62ad71)
parent bb6746ed
......@@ -131,8 +131,8 @@ class Recipe(object):
options['instance-guid'] = self.instance.getInstanceGuid()
# XXX: deprecated, to be removed
options['instance_guid'] = self.instance.getInstanceGuid()
except slapmodule.ResourceNotReady:
# Backward compatibility. Old SlapOS masters don't know this.
except slapmodule.ResourceNotReady, AttributeError:
# Backward compatibility. Old SlapOS master and core don't know this.
self.logger.warning("Impossible to fetch instance GUID.")
except (slapmodule.NotFoundError, slapmodule.ServerError, slapmodule.ResourceNotReady) as exc:
self._raise_request_exception = exc
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