1. 07 Oct, 2019 10 commits
  2. 04 Oct, 2019 1 commit
    • do not create two wrappers for the same executable if hash change · ed707d3b
      Prevent creating 2 wrapper for the same service if hash changed. Here, one service is exited because port is used by the firt to service to start:
          slappart6:runner-sshd-4248650e36a9a26a6481df1baffd9f58-on-watch                RUNNING   pid 27835, uptime 0:03:45
          slappart6:runner-sshd-b3b68f4278ceb84691ec27521ea229eb-on-watch                EXITED    Mar 06 04:52 PM
      To achieve that, update slapos.cookbook and use hash-existing-files option of wrapper recipe
      hash-existing-files list all the files used for hash that are not
      handled by buildout. For those files, the hash is calculated as soon as
      the __init__ function so that if there is a change in those files,
      buildout will remove the existing wrapper (it will uninstall the
      section) and replace it with the new wrapper.
      /reviewed-on !525
      Thomas Gambier committed
  3. 03 Oct, 2019 7 commits
  4. 02 Oct, 2019 1 commit
    • erp5: set mariadb timezone to UTC · 0b377eb4
      ERP5Catalog assumes that dates in catalog are UTC, this works
      fine with DATETIME columns that does not carry any timezone
      information, but TIMESTAMP columns are converted to mariadb timezone,
      which is by default system timezone.
      If we want ERP5Catalog to query on TIMESTAMP columns with the existing
      logic of converting dates to UTC (because "dates are in UTC in
      catalog"), we need to have TIMESTAMP columns in UTC.
      This also generally seem a better default than falling back to system
      /reviewed-on !623
      Jérome Perrin committed
  5. 01 Oct, 2019 17 commits
  6. 27 Sep, 2019 4 commits