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      ERP5: sort balancer families by name before assigning ports · ba9ef609
      Julien Muchembled authored
      If the list of families does not change, their ports must not change, and it's
      wrong to get this by relying on CPython implementation details. Even if we
      automated the update of frontends with new urls, this couldn't be done
      atomically and we'd get random failures.
      Currently, frontends are only updated manually so we also want to minimize
      changes when families are added/renamed/removed. By sorting alphabetically,
      we have something predictable. Of course, this does not cover cases like the
      following one:
      - before: A, B, C
      - after: A, C
      Even if we added a 'port-base' parameter for the balancer, the port would
      change for one of the 2 families.
      We have no need for the moment, but we could go further with an optional list
      parameter to choose the order, and a special value to skip ports. Another
      option is to use publish-early but it's more complicated to implement and
      we lose everything when we reinstanciate.
      The sort in haproxy.cfg.in is for the stats page.
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      erp5: Add webdav support. · f2183d38
      Vincent Pelletier authored
      Move haproxy httpchk configuration per-listen as zope's webdav returns 401
      on (at least) GET / . TCP-level checks are still active, which should be
      Also, change zope_family_address_list check to getitem as it's more natural
      than concatenating.
      Also, stop using apache.zope.backend recipe to add support for per-port
      scheme so automatic ERP5Site creation knows which URL is really HTTP.
      Also, stop using certificate_authority recipe and call openssl directly
      when generating self-signed cert for https/webdavs support.
      Also, rework balancer parameters a bit (still undocumented).
      Also, make instance-balancer always publish ipv6 value (empty when no ipv6
      available), so instance-erp5 always succeeds.
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