1. 27 Apr, 2015 2 commits
    • helloworld: Turn it into real web-service · 7cd2f953
      Implement a simple "hello world" web server in Python and hook it into
      SlapOS infrastructure, so that newcomers can see how to implement
      SlapOS services:
          - start service from under etc/service/
          - add promise for service monitoring
          - publish connection url
      TODO IPv4 frontend
      For now the service is only accessible via IPv6, because SlapOS provides
      an unique ipv6-address to every computer partition, and provided IPv4
      addresses have non-global scope and can be used only for organizing
      internal subservices.
      The way we handle IPv4 publish - is through explicit additional IPv4
      frontend - TODO add example how to do it.
      TODO monitoring
      Currently in SlapOS for a service in order to be monitorable, the
      service needs to explicitly extend from monitoring stack:
      TODO - add example how to do it.
      Cc: Jérome Perrin <jerome@nexedi.com>
      Kirill Smelkov committed
    • helloworld: Listening on partition IPv4 address makes sense only for internal services · 85e6a1da
      Because partition IPv4 address(es) are not global ones - i.e.
      - so we cannot expose a service through them to the world without
      additional frontent proxy.
      So let's leave only IPv6 listening address in the example.
      Cc: Jérome Perrin <jerome@nexedi.com>
      Kirill Smelkov committed
  2. 26 Apr, 2015 1 commit
    • Revert "hello-world: add IP examples" · 05bfbb9d
      This reverts the essence of commit 854e4766:
      Changing there
      was wrong - slapos.cookbook:slapconfiguration recipe, which is leveraged
      by [instance-parameter] section does not define global-ipv6:
      - only ipv6 as "Set of IPv6 addresses (of partition)" and ipv6-random
      "One of the IPv6 addresses".
      Trying to instantiate a helloworld SR inside webrunner:
          ---- 8< ---- (instance.log)
          [2015-04-26 11:56:20,133] INFO Error: Referenced option does not exist: instance-parameter global-ipv6
      and the same error while instantiating helloworld SR without slaprunner
      under local slapproxy.
      The global-ipv6 is helpfully injected by slapos.cookbook:softwaretype
      recipe into [slap-network-information] section:
      but unfortunately only if that slapos.cookbook:softwaretype recipe is
      activated - i.e. when we have several software types and we support switching
      between them, which is not the case for helloworld (and it's a pity that
      such fundamental network-configuration is only optionally provided by SlapOS).
      So let's switch back to ${instance-parameter:ipv6-random} - this way
      helloworld instance can be instantiated again.
      Cc: Jérome Perrin <jerome@nexedi.com>
      Kirill Smelkov committed
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