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      gitlab: Sync sidekiq service to upstream · 0a72505e
      Kirill Smelkov authored
          $ git diff 8.4.4+ce.0-0-g1680742..8.5.1+ce.0-1-ge732b39 --  \
      shows nothing.
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      gitlab: Sync gitlab-parameters.cfg to upstream · 043402bb
      Kirill Smelkov authored
      I manually reviewed
          $ git diff 8.4.2+ce.0-3-g68d5ee8..8.5.1+ce.0-1-ge732b39 \
              files/gitlab-config-template/gitlab.rb.template \
      in omnibus-gitlab, and module proxy_set_header change, which we already
      addressed in previous patch in Nginx config, there are no more changes
      for us.
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      gitlab: Slapos'ify gitlab config updates · b19d2942
      Kirill Smelkov authored
          - relative URL support: comment out - we do not need it - gitlab is
            always located at /.
          - Nginx-http: restore our version for proxy_set_header - upstream
            turned to allowing users to configure this, see e.g.
            but doing this way creates more complexity for gitlab SR, so I've
            restored our version which essentially does the same as default in
            omnibus-gitlab, and if we'll need to tune it - we can do directly in
            Nginx config.
            In other words slapos version does not allow users to tune nginx
            headers as instance parameter.
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      gitlab: Merge in upstream config updates · 716b93e4
      Kirill Smelkov authored
      This does only pure merge. We will slaposify / adjust config and
      corresponding md5sum in the following patches.
      /cc @kazuhiko, @jerome
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      gitlab: Wire-up proper upstream tracking branch · d87fa020
      Kirill Smelkov authored
      As it is said in 97dcf455 (gitlab: Establish proper 1 branch for
      tracking upstream configs) we are switching to a model where we track
      upstream configureation files on only one branch.
      This merge does not change files on master - because we already have all
      current upstream changes in - just establish a proper structure for future
      /cc @kazuhiko, @jerome
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      gitlab: Update software to gitlab 8.5 + friends · 2df034ba
      Kirill Smelkov authored
      Update GitLab software to
          - gitlab-ce 8.5.1 + NXD patches
          - gitlab-shell to 2.6.10 + 1 patch to remove unneeded hooks.old in *.git
          - gitlab-workhorse 0.6.4 + NXD patches.
            ( download speedup patches got improved, and now also properly
              proxy _gitlab_session cookie to auth backend, so raw files for
              private repositories now open in browser ok )
      This only updates software and begins SR update to 8.5 - for now gitlab
      instance becomes non-working -- we'll pull in configuration files
      updates and fixups in the following patches.
      P.S. we also pin-up rubygems version, used to build gems, along the way.
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      gitlab: GitLab wants git to be really on $PATH · caaf6825
      Kirill Smelkov authored
      GitLab uses git executable by full path as defined in gitlab.yml, but
      not all places in code use it, e.g. here git is used just from $PATH
      So make sure to include our git into bundler-4gitlab PATH.
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      nginx: v↑ (1.9.12) · ce7199ec
      Kirill Smelkov authored
      1.9.4 -> 1.9.12 adds HTTP/2 support and removes SPDY support + other
      bugfixes and improvements. We need HTTP/2 support for GitLab 8.5.
      HTTP/2 details:
      Full changelog:
      ---- 8< ---- http://nginx.org/en/CHANGES
      Changes with nginx 1.9.12                                        24 Feb 2016
          *) Feature: Huffman encoding of response headers in HTTP/2.
             Thanks to Vlad Krasnov.
          *) Feature: the "worker_cpu_affinity" directive now supports more than
             64 CPUs.
          *) Bugfix: compatibility with 3rd party C++ modules; the bug had
             appeared in 1.9.11.
             Thanks to Piotr Sikora.
          *) Bugfix: nginx could not be built statically with OpenSSL on Linux;
             the bug had appeared in 1.9.11.
          *) Bugfix: the "add_header ... always" directive with an empty value did
             not delete "Last-Modified" and "ETag" header lines from error
          *) Workaround: "called a function you should not call" and "shutdown
             while in init" messages might appear in logs when using OpenSSL
          *) Bugfix: invalid headers might be logged incorrectly.
          *) Bugfix: socket leak when using HTTP/2.
          *) Bugfix: in the ngx_http_v2_module.
      Changes with nginx 1.9.11                                        09 Feb 2016
          *) Feature: TCP support in resolver.
          *) Feature: dynamic modules.
          *) Bugfix: the $request_length variable did not include size of request
             headers when using HTTP/2.
          *) Bugfix: in the ngx_http_v2_module.
      Changes with nginx 1.9.10                                        26 Jan 2016
          *) Security: invalid pointer dereference might occur during DNS server
             response processing if the "resolver" directive was used, allowing an
             attacker who is able to forge UDP packets from the DNS server to
             cause segmentation fault in a worker process (CVE-2016-0742).
          *) Security: use-after-free condition might occur during CNAME response
             processing if the "resolver" directive was used, allowing an attacker
             who is able to trigger name resolution to cause segmentation fault in
             a worker process, or might have potential other impact
          *) Security: CNAME resolution was insufficiently limited if the
             "resolver" directive was used, allowing an attacker who is able to
             trigger arbitrary name resolution to cause excessive resource
             consumption in worker processes (CVE-2016-0747).
          *) Feature: the "auto" parameter of the "worker_cpu_affinity" directive.
          *) Bugfix: the "proxy_protocol" parameter of the "listen" directive did
             not work with IPv6 listen sockets.
          *) Bugfix: connections to upstream servers might be cached incorrectly
             when using the "keepalive" directive.
          *) Bugfix: proxying used the HTTP method of the original request after
             an "X-Accel-Redirect" redirection.
      Changes with nginx 1.9.9                                         09 Dec 2015
          *) Bugfix: proxying to unix domain sockets did not work when using
             variables; the bug had appeared in 1.9.8.
      Changes with nginx 1.9.8                                         08 Dec 2015
          *) Feature: pwritev() support.
          *) Feature: the "include" directive inside the "upstream" block.
          *) Feature: the ngx_http_slice_module.
          *) Bugfix: a segmentation fault might occur in a worker process when
             using LibreSSL; the bug had appeared in 1.9.6.
          *) Bugfix: nginx could not be built on OS X in some cases.
      Changes with nginx 1.9.7                                         17 Nov 2015
          *) Feature: the "nohostname" parameter of logging to syslog.
          *) Feature: the "proxy_cache_convert_head" directive.
          *) Feature: the $realip_remote_addr variable in the
          *) Bugfix: the "expires" directive might not work when using variables.
          *) Bugfix: a segmentation fault might occur in a worker process when
             using HTTP/2; the bug had appeared in 1.9.6.
          *) Bugfix: if nginx was built with the ngx_http_v2_module it was
             possible to use the HTTP/2 protocol even if the "http2" parameter of
             the "listen" directive was not specified.
          *) Bugfix: in the ngx_http_v2_module.
      Changes with nginx 1.9.6                                         27 Oct 2015
          *) Bugfix: a segmentation fault might occur in a worker process when
             using HTTP/2.
             Thanks to Piotr Sikora and Denis Andzakovic.
          *) Bugfix: the $server_protocol variable was empty when using HTTP/2.
          *) Bugfix: backend SSL connections in the stream module might be timed
             out unexpectedly.
          *) Bugfix: a segmentation fault might occur in a worker process if
             different ssl_session_cache settings were used in different virtual
          *) Bugfix: nginx/Windows could not be built with MinGW gcc; the bug had
             appeared in 1.9.4.
             Thanks to Kouhei Sutou.
          *) Bugfix: time was not updated when the timer_resolution directive was
             used on Windows.
          *) Miscellaneous minor fixes and improvements.
             Thanks to Markus Linnala, Kurtis Nusbaum and Piotr Sikora.
      Changes with nginx 1.9.5                                         22 Sep 2015
          *) Feature: the ngx_http_v2_module (replaces ngx_http_spdy_module).
             Thanks to Dropbox and Automattic for sponsoring this work.
          *) Change: now the "output_buffers" directive uses two buffers by
          *) Change: now nginx limits subrequests recursion, not simultaneous
          *) Change: now nginx checks the whole cache key when returning a
             response from cache.
             Thanks to Gena Makhomed and Sergey Brester.
          *) Bugfix: "header already sent" alerts might appear in logs when using
             cache; the bug had appeared in 1.7.5.
          *) Bugfix: "writev() failed (4: Interrupted system call)" errors might
             appear in logs when using CephFS and the "timer_resolution" directive
             on Linux.
          *) Bugfix: in invalid configurations handling.
             Thanks to Markus Linnala.
          *) Bugfix: a segmentation fault occurred in a worker process if the
             "sub_filter" directive was used at http level; the bug had appeared
             in 1.9.4.
      ---- 8< ----
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      redis: v↑ (2.8.24) · fa2ee586
      Kirill Smelkov authored
      Redis 2.8.23 -> 2.8.24 is a small bugfix release:
          --[ Redis 2.8.24 ] Release date: 18 Dec 2015
          Upgrade urgency: MODERATE. We fixed a crash that happens very rarely, so
                           updating does not hurt, but most users are unlikely to
                           experience this condition because it requires some odd
          * [FIX] lua_struct.c/getnum security issue fixed. (Luca Bruno discovered it,
                  patched by Sun He and Chris Lamb)
          * [FIX] Fix a race condition in processCommand() because of interactions
                  with freeMemoryIfNeeded(). Details in issue #2948 and especially
                  in the commit message d999f5a. (Race found analytically by
                  Oran Agra, patch by Salvatore Sanfilippo)
          * [NEW] Log offending memory access address on SIGSEGV/SIGBUS (Salvatore
      No config changes.
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      ruby: v↑ ruby2.1 (2.1.8) · 77eae945
      Kirill Smelkov authored
      Ruby 2.1.8 contains security and other bugfixes
    • Cédric Le Ninivin's avatar
      slaprunner: Fix CORS domain script · ac1c250e
      Cédric Le Ninivin authored
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      gitlab: Sync upstream configs from omnibus-gitlab · 02d0063b
      Kirill Smelkov authored
      Like 8c62b063, d17f1f5f and e8461571 - pristine copy from omnibus-gitlab
      8.5.1+ce.0-1-ge732b39 .
      Changes are in
          - gitlab.yml.erb, unicorn.rb.erb
            * Something related to relative URL root (we do not use)
            * Something related to SAML (we do not use)
            * Misc
          - nginx-gitlab-http.conf.erb
            * SPDY -> HTTP/2
            * Relative URL root
            * Configurable proxy_set_header passing
      The following files stay the same:
          - database.yml.erb
          - gitconfig.erb
          - gitlab-rails-config.ru.erb
          - gitlab-shell-config.yml.erb
          - nginx.conf.erb
          - rack_attack.rb.erb
          - resque.yml.erb
          - smtp_settings.rb.erb
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      gitlab: Establish proper 1 branch for tracking upstream configs · 97dcf455
      Kirill Smelkov authored
      It was my mistake to establish several tracking lines for tracking
      upstream changes - e.g. in
          61544d87    (gitlab: Import nginx http configuration from omnibus-gitlab)
      we started not from
          6fd7b987    (gitlab: Import gitlab-ce & gitlab-shell configs from omnibus-gitlab)
      -- the first upstream tracking commit on its own branch -- but from
          4c127fdd    (gitlab: Setup sidekiq service)
      i.e. from after some changes which already tweaked upstream
      configuration files.
      This makes updating gitlab more work than necessary: instead of
      switching to upstream branch only once, importing all files, and
      then switching back to master and merging upstream changes only once, we
      currently have to do that operation 3 times:
          - for main gitlab settings,
          - for nginx settings, and
          - for gitconfig settings
      which is not convenient and wastes our time.
      So establish a proper 1 branch for tracking upstream configs:
      Here we cherry-pick the following commits
          61544d87    (gitlab: Import nginx http configuration from omnibus-gitlab)
          d17f1f5f    (gitlab: Sync nginx http configuration from omnibus gitlab)
          8f945bd2    (gitlab: Import gitconfig from omnibus-gitlab)
          e8461571    (gitlab: Sync gitconfig settings from omnibus-gitlab)
      and later we'll be updating upstream files on a branch starting from
      this commit and containing upstream changes only.
      /cc @kazuhiko, @jerome
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