1. 02 Oct, 2017 1 commit
    • Revert "stack/erp5: completely remove cloudooo" · fa05bda4
      This reverts commit 40108537.
      Using the public cloudooo for all unit tests makes things
      unreliable, we have every day many tests failing due to this. It
      would be required to reapply this change to :
      - make ERP5 more resilient to network failures when there is
        issues connecting to cloudooo
      - find some automated ways to have a cloudooo per testnode machine,
        with idea of having possibility to request "where is the
        nearest service doing that"
      - possibly having a CDN of cloudooo, but this does not prevent having
        a cloudooo per testnode
      Sebastien Robin committed
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    • ERP5 and Jupyter integrated together · 0a446263
      This patch teaches ERP5 software release to automatically instantiate Jupyter
      notebook web UI and tune it to connect to ERP5 by default. When Jupyter is
      enabled, it also installs on-server erp5_data_notebook bt5 (erp5!29)
      which handles code execution requested for Jupyter.
      For ERP5 - for security and backward compatibility reasons - Jupyter
      instantiation and erp5_data_notebook bt5 install happen only if jupyter is
      explicitly enabled in instance parameters. The default is not to have Jupyter
      out of the box.
      On the other hand for Wendelin SR, which inherits from ERP5 SR, the
      default is to have Jupyter out of the box, because Wendelin SR is fresh
      enough without lots of backward compatibility needs, and Jupyter is
      usually very handy for people who use Wendelin.
      For integration, we reuse already established in ERP5 infrastructure, to
      request various slave instances, and request Jupyter in a way so it
      automatically tunes and connects to balancer of one of Zope family.
      Jupyter code itself is compiled by reusing
      software/ipython_notebook/software.cfg, and Jupyter instance code is
      reused by hooking software/ipython_notebook/instance.cfg.in into ERP5 SR
      properly (the idea to override instance-jupyter not to render into
      default template.cfg is taken from previous work by @tiwariayush).
      I tested this patch inside webrunner with create-erp5-site software type and
      various configurations (whether to have or not have jupyter, to which zope
      family to connect it, etc).
      I have not tested frontend instantiation fully - because tests were done only
      in webrunner, but I've tried to make sure generated buildout code is valid for
      cases with frontend.
      NOTE the code in this patch depends erp5_data_notebook bt5 (erp5!29) which just got merged to erp5.git recently (see erp5@f662b5a2)
      NOTE even when erp5_data_notebook bt5 is installed, on a freshly installed ERP5, it
      is required to "check site consistency" first, so that initial bt5(s) are
      actually installed and erp5 is ready to function.
      /cc @vpelletier, @Tyagov, @klaus, @Camata, @tiwariayush, @Kreisel, @jerome, @nexedi
      /proposed-for-review-on !43
      Kirill Smelkov committed
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  28. 24 Aug, 2015 1 commit
    • erp5: Rework postfix integration. · 86295f82
      Add support for "hosts" aliasing in Zope instances.
      Add support for SASL relayhost with mandatory TLS encryption.
      Add mandatory TSL + SASL authentication, to not be an open relay.
      Wrap postfix commands with proper environment instead of symlink +
      source-able script.
      Add ipv6 listening support (untested).
      Drop non-required main.cf configuration options.
      Make postifx instance optional (requires postmaster address to be
      Document and rework smtp-related parameters.
      Expose an userhosts hostname for smtp server.
      Add diversion support (solution to "prod clone sent mails to real customer").
      Use etc/run rather than etc/service, for consistency (if it needs to be
      changed, it must be changed for all software types).
      Hook into syslog and setup local syslog daemon, with logrotate integration.
      Update TODO entries.
      Vincent Pelletier committed
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