Release 1.0.106

caddy-frontend changes since

 * support zero-SSL knowledge with KeDiFa and asynchronous update of certificates (no need to run buildout to update certificates)
 * upgrade to Caddy v0.11.5 (+Nexedi's patches)
 * fix logrotation (mostly drop Caddy builtin rotation and use logrotate stack fully)
 * upgrade to Go 1.12
 * upgrade to Apache Trafficserver 7
 * fix log format to follow Apache style
 * serve "nginx" style instances in main process, instead of "simulating" running of nginx (if needed real nginx can be put back)
 * add type:websocket slave

 * promises are asserted in the tests
 * test path length is minimised
 * only active slaves are pushed from main partition
 * cover stale-if-error works for cached slaves
 * adapt to stack/logrotate
 * increase verbosity in case of plugin failure in tests
 * fix and cleanup JSON Schema
 * drop not needed promise for running process, as caddy uses hash files to be rested on upgrade
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