Commit 19de3fe2 authored by Kirill Smelkov's avatar Kirill Smelkov

Add way to run tests via nxdtest

Nxdtest[1] is tox-like tool to run tests under Nexedi testing
infrastructure. See [2] for details.

[2] slapos!839
parent 35cb1446
# setup to run tests on Nexedi testing infrastructure.
storv = ['fs', 'zeo', 'neo'] # storage backends to test against
# test.t & friends unit-test core of UVMM and are Go-, Python- and ZODB-storage independent.
# we don't run* because there is currently no valgrind on SlapOS.
for kind in ['t', 'fault', 'asan', 'tsan']:
t = 'test.%s' % kind
envadj = {}
# test.fault: on Ubuntu, when apport is registerd in /proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern,
# it is apport which is run to process core. Apport dumps core for us, but
# rejects to run in parralel with the following message in its log:
# ERROR: apport ...: another apport instance is already running, aborting
# this way, when test.fault tests are run in parallel, some of them fail to
# find core corresponding to expected crash.
# -> force serial execution to workaround that.
if kind == 'fault':
envadj['MAKEFLAGS'] = '-j1'
TestCase(t, ['make', t], envadj=envadj) # TODO summaryf=TAP.summary
#<stor> runs unit- and functional- tests for wendelin.core .
for stor in storv:
TestCase('!wcfs' % stor, ['make', ''],
envadj={'WENDELIN_CORE_TEST_DB': '<%s>' % stor},
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