Commit 7fd83b61 authored by Kirill Smelkov's avatar Kirill Smelkov

tox: v↑ NumPy to 2 latest releases

parent d9d6adec
# wendelin.core | tox setup
envlist = py27-{ZODB3,ZODB4,ZODB5}-{zblk0,zblk1}-{fs,zeo,neo}-{numpy113,numpy114}, {py35,py36}-{ZODB4,ZODB5}-{zblk0,zblk1}-{fs,zeo}-{numpy113,numpy114}
envlist = py27-{ZODB3,ZODB4,ZODB5}-{zblk0,zblk1}-{fs,zeo,neo}-{numpy115,numpy116}, {py35,py36}-{ZODB4,ZODB5}-{zblk0,zblk1}-{fs,zeo}-{numpy115,numpy116}
# (NOTE ZODB3 does not work on python3)
# (NOTE NEO does not work on python3 at all)
# (XXX ZODB5-*-neo are currently failing)
......@@ -33,8 +33,8 @@ deps =
# zeo: ZEO is already required by ZODB, but for testing utilities from ZEO we also need:
zeo: zope.testing
numpy114: numpy >=1.14.0, <1.15.0
numpy113: numpy >=1.13.0, <1.14.0
numpy116: numpy >=1.16.0, <1.17.0
numpy115: numpy >=1.15.0, <1.16.0
setenv =
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