Commit 8a9b6af8 authored by Kirill Smelkov's avatar Kirill Smelkov

t/shm-punch-hole: hugetlbfs supports fallocate() since linux 4.3-rc1

parent 45db6007
......@@ -33,20 +33,9 @@
* in hugetlbfs_setattr() and it looks like extending this support to cover
* "truncating range" (i.e. holepunch) should not be that hard.
* -> TODO fix hugetlbfs
* -> hugetlbfs supports fallocate starting from 4.3-rc1
* NOTE care should be taken to correctly maintain huge-pages reservation
* numbers etc (HugePages_Rsvd in /proc/meminfo) as hugetlbfs plays own
* games with reservation on each mmap to be able to promise not to get
* SIGBUS at later page access.
* patch: (hugetlbfs: add fallocate support)
* v2
* v3
* v4
* v5
#define _GNU_SOURCE
#include <sys/types.h>
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