Commit ca7c1b6d authored by Kirill Smelkov's avatar Kirill Smelkov

bigfile/py: Factor outcode to get list of objects that refer to obj to XPyObject_GetReferrers()

We'll need it in next patch to get and analyze this list.
parent 20b41a5a
......@@ -120,6 +120,9 @@ static void XPyErr_SetFromErrno(void);
* everything else related to exception state */
static void XPyErr_FullClear(void);
/* get list of objects that refer to obj */
static PyObject* /* PyListObject* */ XPyObject_GetReferrers(PyObject *obj);
/* print objects that refer to obj */
static void XPyObject_PrintReferrers(PyObject *obj, FILE *fp);
......@@ -976,11 +979,19 @@ XPyErr_FullClear(void)
PySys_SetObject("exc_traceback", Py_None);
static void
XPyObject_PrintReferrers(PyObject *obj, FILE *fp)
static PyObject* /* PyListObject* */
XPyObject_GetReferrers(PyObject *obj)
PyObject *obj_referrers = PyObject_CallMethod(gcmodule, "get_referrers", "O", obj);
return /*(PyListObject *)*/obj_referrers;
static void
XPyObject_PrintReferrers(PyObject *obj, FILE *fp)
PyObject *obj_referrers = XPyObject_GetReferrers(obj);
PyObject_Print(obj_referrers, fp, 0);
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