Commit 2d94ae9d authored by Jérome Perrin's avatar Jérome Perrin Committed by Kirill Smelkov

test: add a test for zodb commmad and help driver


kirr: factor running `zodb ...` into zodbrun + add test for `zodb -h`.

Added test currently passes on py2, but fails on py3:

	out = <_io.TextIOWrapper encoding='UTF-8'>

	    def usage(out):
	    Zodb is a tool for managing ZODB databases.


	        zodb command [arguments]

	    The commands are:
	    """, file=out)

	        cmdv = command_dict.keys()
	>       cmdv.sort()
	E       AttributeError: 'dict_keys' object has no attribute 'sort'

	zodbtools/ AttributeError

It will be fixed in the next patch.
parent bcaf3984
......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ setup(
install_requires = ['ZODB', 'zodburi', 'zope.interface', 'pygolang >= 0.0.0.dev6', 'six', 'dateparser'],
extras_require = {
'test': ['pytest', 'freezegun', 'pytz'],
'test': ['pytest', 'freezegun', 'pytz', 'mock;python_version<="2.7"'],
entry_points= {'console_scripts': ['zodb = zodbtools.zodb:main']},
......@@ -8,6 +8,7 @@ deps =
# latest ZODB from ZODB3 series
ZODB3: ZODB3 >=3.10, <3.11dev
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright (C) 2019 Nexedi SA and Contributors.
# Jérome Perrin <>
# This program is free software: you can Use, Study, Modify and Redistribute
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3, or (at your
# option) any later version, as published by the Free Software Foundation.
# You can also Link and Combine this program with other software covered by
# the terms of any of the Free Software licenses or any of the Open Source
# Initiative approved licenses and Convey the resulting work. Corresponding
# source of such a combination shall include the source code for all other
# software used.
# This program is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied
# See COPYING file for full licensing terms.
# See for rationale and options.
import sys
from unittest import mock
except ImportError:
# BBB python2
import mock
import pytest
from zodbtools import zodb
from zodbtools import help as help_module
# zodbrun runs zodb.main with argv and returns exit code + captured stdout/stderr.
def zodbrun(capsys, *argv):
with mock.patch.object(sys, 'argv', ('zodb',) + argv), \
pytest.raises(SystemExit) as excinfo:
assert len(excinfo.value.args) == 1
ecode = excinfo.value.args[0]
return ecode, capsys.readouterr()
def test_main(capsys):
e, _ = zodbrun(capsys)
assert e == 2
assert "" == _.out
assert "Zodb is a tool for managing ZODB databases." in _.err
e, _ = zodbrun(capsys, '-h')
assert e == 0
assert "Zodb is a tool for managing ZODB databases." in _.out
assert "" == _.err
tuple(zodb.command_dict) + tuple(help_module.topic_dict))
def test_help(capsys, help_topic):
e, _ = zodbrun(capsys, 'help', help_topic)
assert e == 0
assert _.err == ""
assert _.out != ""
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