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ZLDAPConnection CHANGES.txt


  Features Added

   o A non beta release!  Although, this may still be a bit shaky.

   o The LDAP Connection object has the ability to be
     *non-transactional*, which is currently the preferred way of
     using the LDAP Connection object.  There is still an outstanding
     bug with the way the transactional behavior works when updating
     more than one Entry object at a time.

   o Entry API is vastly improved, and is not backwards compatible
     with ZopeLDAP 1.0.  The primary advantage is that now that Python 
     Scripts are in the core, Entry objects are easier to program
     without having to use the 'manage_' methods (although those will
     continue to work, and their API has not changed).

   o To go along with the Entry API improvement, the Permissions of
     Entry objects have been improved as well.

   o The LDAP Connection has an Entry Factory which decides whether to 
     use a Transactional or Non-Transactional Entry object.  The usage 
     to the end user is indistinguishable, except that the
     nontransactional entry objects update to the LDAP server

  Bugs Fixed

   o The bug in the transaction management behavior of the Connection
     object has not been fixed, but the new Non-Transactional ability
     should make up for this bug in most situations.


   Bugs Fixed

    o Entry objects would raise a KeyError on a failed attribute
      access, which caused a failure in the Security Machinery
      (non-critical - security was not affected, only attribute
      access).  Now AttributeError is properly raised.


  Bugs Fixed

    o Entry.manage_newEntry and Entry.manage_newEntryWithAttributes
      now return the newly added Entry object.
    o Should work properly with Zope 2.2.x, and still work with Zope


  Bugs Fixed

    o Fixes an issue with getRawEntry() raising an IndexError
      exception in some cases.

    o LDAPConnection doesn't keep setting self.openc every time _open()
      is called, thus avoiding constant writes to the ZODB.

    o Fixed to use the proper product
      initialization code (prior versions were using an extremely
      outdated mechanism).  *This also means registering permissions
      which affect Entry objects so that on Folders, permissions to
      manage entry objects are settable*.

  Features Added
    o New module '' implements getter/setter methods for
      all ZLDAPConnection properties.  It is mixed into ZLDAPConnection.


  o Updated for Zope 2.1.5/2.1.6 new security measures on method-ish

  o Has a settable "Browsable" property on the Connection object. 


  o This is a pretty major overhaul of the original alpha code,
    primarily to include some sort of pseudo-transactional safety (all 
    done in Zope since LDAP has no concept of transactions).

  o Seperated ZLDAPConnection and Entry objects.  ZLDAPConnection (the 
    class) no longer subclasses from an Entry object.  (In old code,
    it was the Entry object at the root of the connection.  In this
    version, the root is gotten to by calling the method 'getRoot()'
    on the connection).

  o Seperated the Entry class into two classes:  GenericEntry and
    Entry, found in  GenericEntry holds all of the Entry
    related methods and data for communicating with its Connection
    object; Entry has the Zope interface and implements the tree
    protocol (tpValues, tpId, tpURL) and the objectXXX protocol
    (objectValues, objectItems, objectIds).  These calls access the
    Entry's sub-entry objects.

  o Try to ensure some integrity with Zope transactions.  Since LDAP
    has no concept of transactions, this is not ideal, but it's a step 
    up from having no transaction support at all.