Commit 4765dfa3 authored by Nicolas Delaby's avatar Nicolas Delaby

Display verbose message to developer

This message explain why VCSTool is not able to update a working copy
with local commits, because conflict resolution is not implemented.
parent c6f935e7
...@@ -264,7 +264,8 @@ class Git(WorkingCopy): ...@@ -264,7 +264,8 @@ class Git(WorkingCopy):
def update(self, keep=False): def update(self, keep=False):
if self.getAheadCount(): if self.getAheadCount():
raise NotImplementedError raise NotImplementedError("I don't know how to update a working copy"\
"with local commits")
if not keep: if not keep:
self.clean() self.clean()
self.remote_git('pull', '--ff-only') self.remote_git('pull', '--ff-only')
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