Commit 8438e10e authored by Vincent Pelletier's avatar Vincent Pelletier

Fix Test Result Lines acquiring values from parent Test Result.

Noticed by Kazuhiko.
parent 9de37328
......@@ -158,25 +158,21 @@ class TestResultLineProxy(RPCRetry):
they must be declared as explicit parameters, with proper default
status_dict = {
'test_count': test_count,
'error_count': error_count,
'failure_count': failure_count,
'skip_count': skip_count,
'duration': duration,
'date': date,
status_dict = dict(x for x in (
('test_count', test_count),
('error_count', error_count),
('failure_count', failure_count),
('skip_count', skip_count),
('duration', duration),
('date', date),
('command', command),
('stdout', stdout),
('stderr', stderr),
('html_test_result', html_test_result),
) if x[1] is not None)
if kw:'Extra parameters provided: %r', kw)
if command is not None:
status_dict['command'] = command
if stdout is not None:
status_dict['stdout'] = stdout
if stderr is not None:
status_dict['stderr'] = stderr
if html_test_result is not None:
status_dict['html_test_result'] = html_test_result
self._retryRPC('stopUnitTest', (self._test_result_line_path,
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