Commit d01df033 by Łukasz Nowak

Avoid code duplication.

As slapos.recipe.erp5 depends on Zope2 in order to generate Zope2 aware
scripts reuse this dependency and import needed method instead of
rewriting it.
1 parent 56abe3ca
......@@ -34,14 +34,7 @@ import sys
import zc.buildout
import zc.recipe.egg
import ConfigParser
# Taken from Zope2 egg
def write_inituser(fn, user, password):
fp = open(fn, "w")
pw = binascii.b2a_base64(hashlib.sha1(password).digest())[:-1]
fp.write('%s:{SHA}%s\n' % (user, pw))
os.chmod(fn, 0600)
from Zope2.utilities.mkzopeinstance import write_inituser
class Recipe(BaseSlapRecipe):
......@@ -452,8 +445,8 @@ class Recipe(BaseSlapRecipe):
password = self.generatePassword()
# XXX Unhardcoded me please
user = 'zope'
write_inituser(os.path.join(self.erp5_directory, "inituser"),
user, password)
os.path.join(self.erp5_directory, "inituser"), user, password)
for directory in (
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