Commit e65b757e authored by Gabriel Monnerat's avatar Gabriel Monnerat

testXHTML : move variable to allow overwrite the list of files to ignore

with this, we can reuse the test and add more files that should be
parent 5c200f20
......@@ -49,6 +49,7 @@ class TestXHTMLMixin(ERP5TypeTestCase):
# some forms have intentionally empty listbox selections like RSS generators
FORM_LISTBOX_EMPTY_SELECTION_PATH_LIST = ['erp5_web_widget_library/WebSection_viewContentListAsRSS']
IGNORE_FILE_LIST = ['require.js','require.min.js','wz_dragdrop.js']
def changeSkin(self, skin_name):
......@@ -167,12 +168,11 @@ class TestXHTMLMixin(ERP5TypeTestCase):
skins_tool, obj_metatypes=['File','DTML Method','DTML Document'], search_sub=1):
is_required_check_path = True
ignore_bts = ['erp5_jquery','erp5_fckeditor','erp5_xinha_editor', 'erp5_jquery_ui']
ignore_files = ['require.js','require.min.js','wz_dragdrop.js']
if script_path.endswith('.js'):
for ignore_bt_name in ignore_bts:
if script_path.startswith(ignore_bt_name):
is_required_check_path = False
for ignore_file in ignore_files:
for ignore_file in self.IGNORE_FILE_LIST:
if script_path.endswith(ignore_file):
is_required_check_path = False
if is_required_check_path:
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