Commit 077bb4c1 authored by Joanne Hugé's avatar Joanne Hugé

component/faketime: Update faketime version to v0.9.9

Previous version caused a segmentation fault when running git
parent 5a354769
......@@ -6,11 +6,9 @@ parts = faketime
recipe = slapos.recipe.cmmi
url =
md5sum = ce3f996dfd5826b4ac62f1a7cc36ea27
url =
md5sum = 1f784c9c0ec7807b9d1107d1730dbb41
configure-command = true
make-options =
make-binary = make -e -C src
make-targets = install
post-install = sed -i -e "16c\FTPL_PATH=${buildout:parts-directory}/${:_buildout_section_name_}/lib/faketime" ${buildout:parts-directory}/${:_buildout_section_name_}/bin/faketime
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