Commit 2e6dc54e authored by Łukasz Nowak's avatar Łukasz Nowak

fix "caddy-frontend: Test for proper parameter passing"

Be nice test and clean up your own mess.
parent fe6258ae
......@@ -6764,6 +6764,16 @@ class TestPassedRequestParameter(HttpFrontendTestCase):, cls.slap._computer_id), cls.slap._computer_id)
def tearDownClass(cls):
cls.frontend_2_sr, cls.slap._computer_id, state="destroyed")
cls.frontend_3_sr, cls.slap._computer_id, state="destroyed")
cls.kedifa_sr, cls.slap._computer_id, state="destroyed")
super(TestPassedRequestParameter, cls).tearDownClass()
instance_parameter_dict = {
'port': HTTPS_PORT,
'plain_http_port': HTTP_PORT,
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