Commit 616c1cda authored by Thomas Gambier's avatar Thomas Gambier 🚴🏼

recipe/switch_softwaretype: when root partition is stopped, stop all the requested partition

This "trick" was implemented in softwaretype recipe. Since we are
migrating more and more SR (especially kvm) to switch_softwaretype, use
the same trick here.
parent d669d7ae
......@@ -27,6 +27,7 @@
import os, subprocess, sys
import six
import slapos.slap
class Recipe:
......@@ -39,11 +40,24 @@ class Recipe:
self.base = self.buildout[section][key]
def install(self):
slap = slapos.slap.slap()
slap_connection = self.buildout['slap_connection']
computer_id = slap_connection['computer_id']
computer_partition_id = slap_connection['partition_id']
server_url = slap_connection['server_url']
key_file = slap_connection.get('key_file')
cert_file = slap_connection.get('cert_file')
slap.initializeConnection(server_url, key_file, cert_file)
self.computer_partition = slap.registerComputerPartition(
# XXX-Antoine: We gotta find a better way to do this. I tried to check
# out how slapgrid-cp was running buildout. But it is worse than that.
args = sys.argv[:]
for x in six.iteritems(self.buildout["slap-connection"]):
args.append("slap-connection:%s=%s" % x)
# XXX: Needed for kvm. Use non standard API
args.append("slap-connection:requested=%s" % self.computer_partition._requested_state)
for x in "directory", "eggs-directory", "develop-eggs-directory":
args.append("buildout:%s=%s" % (x, self.buildout["buildout"][x]))
args.append("buildout:installed=.installed-%s.cfg" %
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