1. 03 Dec, 2018 1 commit
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      software/seleniumserver: rename seleniumrunner to seleniumserver · a42fe842
      Jérome Perrin authored
      seleniumrunner software recently became a full selenium server, which is
      different from the original software, that was only intended as being a
      minimal software to make firefox available for erp5testnode.
      This caused several problems in erp5testnode, because erp5testnode needs
      to be always able to build seleniumrunner from master branch (which is
      probably wrong in the first place). With this software having lots of
      components, the risk of build problems increased.
      Also, it's something else, so let's make it another software.
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      WIP rewrite of KVM software release. · b6036af9
      Romain Courteaud authored
      Move all configuration to more generic recipes, so that recipes can be shared
      between software releases.
      Disable previous recipers.
      Slave configuration is not finished and need to be migrated.
      It is needed to publish the slave URL.
      Hardcoded vifib rewrite map has been removed.
      It is needed to use a frontend slave instance to achieve this functionnality.
      This means, frontend slave instances need more parameters.
      NBD software release has been merged into the KVM software release as a
      software type. It allows to use the same binary for nbd and kvm, and so, save
      space on servers and ease maintainance.
      Remove software release's python dependency.
      Add more promises to check status of nbd, kvm and frontend.
      slapmonitor functionnality has to be restored.
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