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      turnserver: workaround zero-knowledge.read limitation · ad7603f0
      Jérome Perrin authored
      slapos.cookbook:zero-knowledge.read has this limitation that because it
      reads the secret file on __init__, ie. before any other parts are
      installed, the value cannot be read the first time.
      On first slapos node instance run, the generated turnserver-config has
      an empty secret, it's only after the second execution that the secret is
      generated. What happens is:
       - first run:
         - read-secret __init__ cannot find the file and does not override
         - turnserver-config uses the default ${read-secret:secret} (empty
         - gen-secret install creates the secret file
       - second run
         - read-secret __init__ finds the file and override secret with the
           value read from the file.
         - turnserver-config uses the overriden ${read-secret:secret} (good
      This was not a problem before, because some frontend promise were
      always failing, so we processed this partition several time, but now it
      is succesfully processed the first time.
      To workadound this, we prevent turnserver from starting if secret is
      empty, then promise will fail, instance will be processed a second time
      and then turnserver will run with a secret.
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      software/seleniumserver: rename seleniumrunner to seleniumserver · a42fe842
      Jérome Perrin authored
      seleniumrunner software recently became a full selenium server, which is
      different from the original software, that was only intended as being a
      minimal software to make firefox available for erp5testnode.
      This caused several problems in erp5testnode, because erp5testnode needs
      to be always able to build seleniumrunner from master branch (which is
      probably wrong in the first place). With this software having lots of
      components, the risk of build problems increased.
      Also, it's something else, so let's make it another software.
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      component/firefox: simplify profile · 654ac2e1
      Julien Muchembled authored
      Major change is that slapos compatible wrapper is no longer installed in
      parts/firefox/firefox-slapos , but directly as "firefox" in the
      buildout:bin-directory of the software profile.
      geckodriver is also in the same buildout:bin-directory.
      This way, softwares using this just need to add
      buildout:bin-directory to $PATH
      erp5testnode knows since
      that it should look for firefox in buildout:bin-directory of the
      installed SR, so we should not need backward compatibility here.
      Adjust seleniumrunner and jstestnode for the changes
      Also drop unused firefox 45
      Jérome changes from original 8cf6908df752b9e7632b2910ffc85027f1f4f22c :
       - name sections [firefox-wrapper] and [firefox] because including the
      version in section name means we have to also update section name when
      we update version. Users have to be careful of installing
      ${firefox-wrapper:} and not ${firefox:}
       - introduce macros for implementation and simple section using the
      macros, to make it easy to had more versions or to increase versions,
      for both firefox and geckodriver. They are slightly different because
      for firefox we need a wrapper, but geckodriver is usable directly.
       - use same version, the "versions up" will be separate commits.
       - now that seleniumrunner and jstestnode are using buildout.hash.cfg,
      md5sums are in separate files.
      Co-authored-by: Jérome Perrin's avatarJérome Perrin <jerome@nexedi.com>
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      slapos-testing: rework to use buildout to install eggs and dependencies · c91c4722
      Jérome Perrin authored
      Instead of letting `python setup.py test` install the depencies, use
      buildout way of installing the eggs.
      This software use `interpreter` recipe of `zc.recipe.egg` to install a
      python with all eggs pre-installed. This is a way to get all the
      dependencies at install time instead of getting them at run time from
      pypi when running `python setup.py test`.
      `erp5.util.testsuite` has been extended to support a parameter to
      specify which python interpreter to use.
      One issue is that this way of installing eggs by buildout cause chicken
      and egg problem: cloning repository containing `slapos.recipe.cmmi`
      needs git, and to compiling git needs `slapos.recipe.cmmi`.
      The consequence of this is that re-running software will install too
      many parts again.
      One solution for this would be to clone `slapos.recipe.cmmi` with a
      `git` command provided by testnode or system package.
      Another solution would be to not install `slapos.recipe.cmmi` develop
      egg, simply install the egg from it's current pypi version while
      installing the software (running tests will be from the git checkout
      For now this is open issue.
      Another point of attention is that `python setup.py test` install the
      requirements listed in `test_requires`, but `zc.recipe.egg` does not
      provide a way of installing these. Some of our packages have `[test]`
      entrypoints, in this case, the software installs the test entrypoints.
      For others, we install the eggs.
      Other improvements:
       * use a simple `slapos.recipe:wrapper` instead of `slapos.cookbook:egg_test`
       * fix the typo in repository name erp5-util-repository ->
         erp5.util-repository ( this mean we will have to fix the test suites in
         nexedi ERP5 )
       * document "what is this software" and a scenario of how this software
         can be used to develop slapos eggs.
       * switch to buildout-hash.cfg for easier template hash management.
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      monitor: move scripts wrapper and logrotate conf to buildout, uses some new... · 47644132
      Alain Takoudjou authored
      monitor: move scripts wrapper and logrotate conf to buildout, uses some new promises from slapos.toolbox
      monitor was updated in slapos.toolbox to not generate promise launcher scripts anymore. All
      generated scripts are now in buildout.
      Monitor promise run script is removed from cron, slapgrid is used to run promises.
      Replace some old promises by the new ones from slapos.toolbox. Cleanup monitor configuration.
      Monitor report and monitor-promises directory are now obsolete.
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