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    zodbcmp - Tool to compare two ZODB databases · 66946b8d
    Kirill Smelkov authored
    This is a tool to compare two ZODB databases in between tidmin..tidmax
    transaction range with default range being -∞..+∞ - (whole database).
    For comparision both databases are scanned at storage layer and every
    transaction content is compared bit-to-bit between the two. The program stops
    either at first difference found, or when whole requested transaction range is
    scanned with no difference detected.
    Database storages are specified in files with ZConfig-based storage definition, e.g.
        %import neo.client
            master_nodes    ...
            name            ...
    Please see nexedi/neoppod!4 for
    one of possible contexts.
    The tool is generic though and is not NEO-specific. It should be able to
    even check two different storages like ZEO & NEO, or FileStorage and NEO
    etc and thus can be handy.
    TODO tests
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