Commit e335fcc7 authored by Hanno Schlichting's avatar Hanno Schlichting

Backport c120882 from trunk

parent 0825b7eb
......@@ -4,6 +4,8 @@ Change History
1.4.5 (unreleased)
- Remove duplicate path from script's sys.path setup.
Bugs fixed:
- In the download module, fixed the handling of directories that are pointed
......@@ -915,7 +915,12 @@ def scripts(reqs, working_set, executable, dest,
path = [dist.location for dist in working_set]
path = map(realpath, path)
# order preserving unique
unique_path = []
for p in path:
if p not in unique_path:
path = map(realpath, unique_path)
generated = []
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