Commit ff054e48 authored by Marius Gedminas's avatar Marius Gedminas

Add a tox.ini

This simplifies testing all Python versions to 'tox'.

Unfortunately detox cannot be used to run the tests in parallel since scribbles directly into the top-level of the source tree (in
parent 763ad52e
......@@ -9,3 +9,4 @@ python*/
envlist =
commands =
# buildout's wants python to not have setuptools
pip uninstall -y zc.buildout setuptools pip
{toxinidir}/bin/test -1 -v -c
# since we're removing setuptools we can't possibly reuse the virtualenv
recreate = true
# if the user has ccache installed, PATH may contain /usr/lib/ccache that has a
# gcc wrapper that fails to build anything when buildout's tests set HOME to a
# non-existent directory under /tmp
setenv =
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