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      Added Windows support. · b208f821
      Jim Fulton authored
      The sample buildout is now created using the bootstrapping mechanism
      and so has a normal layout.
      No longer read ~/.buildout/.default.cfg, when running tests.
      (We do read a ~/.buildout/.default.cfg when testing that function, but
      we manipulate HOME so that we control what is read.)
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      Major refactoring. The original motivation was to get the newest · 2530eeb2
      Jim Fulton authored
      distributions available. This required working around issues with
      easy_install's --upgrade option:
      - Upgrade is not recursive. Upgrading a distro doesn't update it's
      - Upgrade doesn't try very hard to avoid searching.  If we require a
        specific version of a distribution, and we already have that
        distribution, there's no point in looking for a newer one.
      - easy_install has kind of odd rules for deciding when to look at an
        index.   Now that we use upgrade all the time, easy_install always
        wants to look at an index.
      - We get warnings when connecting to index servers, like PyPI that 
        return text/plain not found messages.
      We now have much greater control over how dependencies are
      managed. We've essentially taken this over from easy_install.
      Because we now always talk to an index server and because we want to
      control anything we do in a test, many of the tests actually run their
      own web servers.
      - Now handle upgrades correctly, I think.
      - The egg recipe can now install multiple distributions.
      - We have the beginnings of offline mode.
      - The internal architeture is much cleaner.
      - We've merged the easy_install and egglinker modules, tossing
        some superfluois apis in the egglinker module.
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