Don't raise if impossible to find slapos configuration.

parent eeed7ff9
...@@ -511,10 +511,13 @@ def prepare_from_scratch(config): ...@@ -511,10 +511,13 @@ def prepare_from_scratch(config):
,'--ipv6-interface', config.ipv6_interface ,'--ipv6-interface', config.ipv6_interface
,'--partition-number', config.partition_amount]) ,'--partition-number', config.partition_amount])
if getSlaposConfiguration():
if config.need_bridge: if config.need_bridge:
setup_bridge(slapos_configuration, True) setup_bridge(slapos_configuration, True)
else: else:
setup_bridge(slapos_configuration, False) setup_bridge(slapos_configuration, False)
print 'Warning: impossible to set up bridge because slapos configuration doesn\'t exist.'
computer_id = get_computer_name( computer_id = get_computer_name(
os.path.join('/', slapos_configuration, 'slapos.cfg')) os.path.join('/', slapos_configuration, 'slapos.cfg'))
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