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    software/gitlab: unset $GOBIN · e0feec78
    Jérome Perrin authored
    gitaly's Makefile forcibly sets $GOPATH to install in _build
    folder. Once gitaly is built, it is expected to be in _build/bin/gitaly
    and copied from there.
    With 8eac67a5 (golang: Prepare for future GOPATH removal, 2021-02-26) the
    env.sh sets GOBIN, to its own $GOPATH/bin
    Since gitaly's build does not set $GOBIN, even if it overrides $GOPATH, the
    final bin/gitaly is not in $GOPATH/bin/gitaly (with $GOPATH from Makefile),
    but in $GOBIN/gitaly (with $GOBIN from env.sh)
    To prevent this, unset $GOBIN before running make, which keeps the old
    behavior of only using the $GOPATH from the Makefile