Commit a33d4e7d authored by Xavier Thompson's avatar Xavier Thompson

Fix non-propagation of const qualifier to mutable subobjects

parent 8bcb7184
...@@ -3268,10 +3268,13 @@ class CConstOrVolatileScope(Scope): ...@@ -3268,10 +3268,13 @@ class CConstOrVolatileScope(Scope):
qual_alt.overloaded_alternatives = overloaded_alternatives qual_alt.overloaded_alternatives = overloaded_alternatives
overloaded_alternatives.append(qual_alt) overloaded_alternatives.append(qual_alt)
entry.overloaded_alternatives = overloaded_alternatives entry.overloaded_alternatives = overloaded_alternatives
elif not entry.is_mutable or self.is_volatile: else:
is_const = self.is_const and not entry.is_mutable
is_volatile = self.is_volatile
if is_const or is_volatile:
entry = copy.copy(entry) entry = copy.copy(entry)
entry.type = PyrexTypes.c_const_or_volatile_type( entry.type = PyrexTypes.c_const_or_volatile_type(
entry.type, self.is_const, self.is_volatile) entry.type, is_const, is_volatile)
self.cached_const_or_volatile_entries[name] = entry self.cached_const_or_volatile_entries[name] = entry
return entry return entry
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