Commit 6c2afddc authored by Stefan Behnel's avatar Stefan Behnel

remove external dependency on numpy in unrelated test file

parent 5537103d
...@@ -103,13 +103,13 @@ def pass_on_locals(f): ...@@ -103,13 +103,13 @@ def pass_on_locals(f):
f(locals()) f(locals())
f(l=locals()) f(l=locals())
f(l=locals(), a=1) f(l=locals(), a=1)
def locals_arrays(object[double, ndim=1] a):
def buffers_in_locals(object[char, ndim=1] a):
""" """
>>> import numpy as np >>> sorted(buffers_in_locals(b'abcdefg'))
>>> sorted(locals_arrays(np.arange(5,dtype='double')))
['a', 'b'] ['a', 'b']
""" """
cdef object[double, ndim=1] b = a.copy() cdef object[unsigned char, ndim=1] b = a
return locals() return locals()
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